When a young lady reaches the puberty age, she begins to itch for a permanent relationship, either a friendship with the opposite sex or a date that would lead to marriage. The same thing applies to the male, I guess; I believe it’s a human thing. However, the truth of the matter is that, in many cases, such excitement and eager expectations usually turn out to be dashed hopes and sad dreams. For many, life usually deals them a blow in the form of the monster that turns out to be a life partner they chose. A union of two individuals should normally bring them joy and hope for a better life, with a united strength formed out of the joint interest and love. Therefore, as the clerics and elders will advise them at the event of the celebration of their union, they ‘must’ forsake all others once they are joined together. No, it does not mean that they should abandon their
responsibility to their extended family members or friends; however, none of these people should come between them. And, if there is such likelihood, then the personae should be ‘forsaken’, at least, to avoid issues that could be detrimental to the joy and peace of the new family. The reality is usually the opposite, today; and this why there is such turmoil in the family in our days. Men would rather ‘live’ their lives the way they see fit, and ignore the comfort and convenience, even joy of their partners. So, the woman lives in ‘pain’ and smile through the crisis, hoping and praying that somehow, someday, things will turn out well. At other times, it is the man that is at the receiving end of such troubles, but, in most cases, the woman feels the pain most.No, I am not trying to preach ‘doom’ here, neither am I being a spoilsport. I am only expressing in plain terms many of the experiences of the women around me, some of which I also share! Now, if someone has tried to open up to many of these young women about the bitter reality in marriage, many may have stepped back and reconsider; or, at the very least, consider seriously, the implications and possibly blocked some of the loopholes before going into it. I believe we should open up to eachother more, as women; for our lives are many times bittersweet. I have several scenarios to consider. Keep a date with me next week, you won’t regret it.

RUBY ‘K’ .

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