Indeed, to live in the country called Nigeria today is to be either a super

human or a special breed or let’s just say God’s favourite. The reason for this

conclusion is not far-fetched, the life we live in this country today far outweigh

the imagination of those who believe in ‘survival of the fittest’. There is

nothing relating to being ‘fit’ or ‘not fit’ in one who died in a bomb blast while

on his/her way to work or business. Nothing suggests ‘fitness’ or otherwise

in the case of a student who was just unfortunate to attend a school visited

by a bunch of God-for-saken killers. More like an issue of luck or ‘unforeseen

occurrence’, the type that only God who knows all things can save one from.

So, having ascertained that it is not about one’s fitness or otherwise that is at

stake here, then how can one prepare for any of these eventualities that are

bound to catch up with one at any time? Personally, I believe it’s fool-hardy

for anyone to claim ‘it shall not be my portion!’ for those poor souls who have

been unfortunate to experience any of these tragedies did not offend God in

any way. They were only unfortunate to be at the right place but at the wrong

time. Or, would you not classify it as ‘wickedness’ for anyone to claim that it

was the portion of those poor kids who were attacked by heartless gunmen

while sleeping quietly in their hostels! Life is no more about the ‘survival of the

fittest’, it is now more about the survival of the ‘luckiest’ or ‘survival of God’s

special breed’.

Don’t ask me what to do to be amongst the ‘luckiest’, I may not have an

answer, but to be amongst ‘God’s special breed’, I may just have an idea. Well,

catch me at the Forum, our conversation may continue there; see the address

at the end of this piece. I AM GLAD TO BE ALIVE.

A viral message on the Blackberry circuit in Nigeria in the heat of a plane crash,

not long ago, says: “Jokes apart, new rule to cross roads in Nigeria is: look left,

look right, left again and then look up, because a plane might be coming down

on you, and look at the ground again, because you may just be stepping on

a bomb!” But, now I think we should add a new rule for sleeping; ‘sleep with

only one eye closed, always.’ God help us o.

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