EVERYTHING IN LIFE begins with a foundation, and when the foundation is not properly set, the outcome may not be palatable. When a relationship is started, the best way to set a proper foundation for it is to know the persons involved well. For example, in the past, when a child is preparing to enter a marriage relationship, the parents will go around to search for the family of the  would be in laws. Their major aims are

1. To determine the kind of people they are

2. To determine  their status in their community and

3. To ascertain the status of the health of the family, whether or not they have disease(s) that are hereditary and so on.

Sometimes other issues like attitudinal issues in the family are also considered; some of these issues are very important for the survival of the new family and cohesion of the society.

The rate at which marriages are collapsing these days have made it necessary to revisit some of the old systems of our forefathers to examine the veracity of the motives behind many of these issues. More than ever before, we need to listen to our elders and probably, for once, go back to the old school ways in our dealings.

Let’s DO THE LOD SCHOOL. It may be the best way ever.

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