I really do wonder, these days, if truly this assertion, ‘Brain has no Gender’ is true. For one thing, it has

not been proven beyond doubt that this is really true. This my new perspective may sound quite crazy

to many who know me and my worldview; especially since the publication of my book, BRAIN HAS NO

GENDER. However, several times, in recent times, I have come face to face with situations that have

made me to have a rethink of my old position. Sure, I still believe fervently in the equality of all humans

and the need for all to respect the dignity of the human person, especially the important role of the

woman as an integral part of the society. But, the manifestations of the female characteristics in the

contemporary world has made me to begin to doubt the truth of this assertion.

No doubt, there have been several developments, by way of progress for the feminine gender,

especially since the past century. Women, as a group, have had several achievements and have continue

to grow in leaps and bounds. Still, countless other  women are yet to even develop their intellectual

capability, let alone begin to work towards achieving anything. In fact, self confidence is something that

is nonexistent in many women, today; in spite of the several achievements of a few women around the

world. Alright, let’s examine a few scenarios:

–  There are women who can not successfully run a home without the leadership of a man, true or

–  Many women cannot handle Capital Projects without the direction of a man, true or false?

–  Many women can hardly discipline their own children without the lead of a man! True or false?

–  Several women have to depend on the financial support of their spouses to survive, true or false?

–  Some women can hardly take the initiative to do anything without their men directing them.

–  There are women I know who are even afraid to pursue any successful path because they do not want

their                             men to feel slighted!

–   So many women I know do not see themselves holding a position of authority because they feel it is

I could go on and on, highlighting different scenarios I come across on a daily basis; and then I wonder,

why are women like this? Could it be laziness? Complacency? Lackadaisical attitude? Whatever it is, I

am still unable to come to terms with the purported progress of the female struggle by many of our

activists. I am still wondering, is our brain truly not gendered? I will be glad to have other opinions.

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