Ladies, Respect Yourself or Be dumped!

She strolled in head held high like a super model. With a body that would make a goddess burn with jealousy; she headed straight for the counter and asked for a drink. Some guys grabbed their hearts in their hands and others gaped like they had seen a resurrected Cleopatra. We wondered who the young beautiful lady was.

Honestly, she was a head turner! I looked at the door she came through to see if no armed or muscular escort guarded her. Men are creatures created with the spirit of competition, so in not time, Jack made a move to go talk to her.

He came back and laughed for some good minutes before telling us why. When he managed to calm himself down, he informed us that the belle was none other than Chantal also nicknamed Ndihe (where am I?).

Her nickname is Ndihe because different guys buy her gallons of booze and take her with them. In the morning she wakes up asking ‘ndihe?’ We laughed and went ahead with our drinks, glancing her way from time to time.

She was now officially being ignored like a nosey neighbour; no one wanted to be seen with her. This is what usually happens to beautiful girls who don’t respect themselves. Kigali is a small city, if you mess with a couple of dudes; everyone gets to know about it. And in a few months no one will even use your bottom to mop their floor.

Then there are those women who dress like pole dancers! Many guys will throw flirty glances but none of them is thinking about ‘for keeps’. Most guys prefer to keep things to the imagination. If you reveal everything at once, they will only see you as an object. Not as a real individual they would want to know.

The most annoying type however are the ones that put on short skirts or dresses and then start pulling them down as if suddenly their legs grew taller or their outfit shorter. How about the ones that don meter-high stilettos and walk in italics as if someone held a gun to their heads and forced them to wear them?

If beauty was sold in shops, all women would be beautiful, but only those who don’t abuse it would earn respect and a suitable mate.

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