You played the nice guy game….Now you are seen as just a friend instead of her Man

Relationship specialists will tell you that if you want to get a good thing going with that beautiful girl you have been eyeing, take your time getting to know her.

I totally disagree because the amount of time one should take to know her is not specified. What if you end up becoming her friend? Remember the hardest thing to escape is the ‘friend zone’.

Mesach Semakula sang Wasa Mukwano gwo (marry your friend), but how practical is it? I believe in making your intentions clear from the onset. Don’t be too forward but if you know your game, it should not be easy to pull off.

You don’t want to get ‘friend-zoned.’ It could be easier for KB to join NRM than to break the chains once locked down by the girl of your dreams in the jail called ‘friend zone’. Perhaps you can manoeuvre your way out of that. Well, yours’ truly has been ‘bro-zoned’ (when a babe considers you a brother than a potential boyfriend). Now if you thought being in the friend zone was jail, the bro zone is Guantanamo Bay.

There is this very hot chic I was lucky to meet. We kind of got close. I still do not understand how we arrived at being friends because before I realized it, I was introduced as her ‘brother from another mother’. Our thing had taken the wrong turn.

My game plan had been turned upside down. Things went out of hand when we went out and some loaded guys surrounded us to behold the beauty that was by my side. Drinks were being ferried in for the muko (brother-in-law). I didn’t enjoy my night.

Then I realized I had to change tactics. “Dude, stop playing the nice guy with a babe you want. Nice guys don’t get her.” I told myself. That’s why bad boys have emerged victorious in the battle for the hot belles and we are left asking ourselves ‘oba what does she like about that guy?’

After doing my research, I discovered some things. I realized that I should avoid any kind of physical contact with her while deep down I am yearning for the same. Whenever I am near her I get ‘touch paralysis’. I need to break the touch barrier by taking some touch risks.

That way, I will be able to throw in some intimacy in the mix. I don’t need bad touches like grabbing her rear, no. I will use every opportunity to hug her, not those basic hugs but the zero-distance hug. I mean hugging her so close that not even the nosy female anopheles mosquito can get between us. That will bring an end to the high fives she has been so used to.

I am not going to be locked down in the bro zone and look on as somebody snatches her away from me. I am not going to be invited to a wedding of the girl of my dreams. It has hurt enough, this heart of mine. I risk losing a ‘sister’ but I will take my chance. Maybe she also wants me to be more than just a ‘brother’.

Pray for m

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