Please, simply call me RUBK ‘K’. I will be delighted to know you too,

so, let me have a feedback from you, a response, no matter how little.

( Last week, we were not able to do a proper

introduction before we started the discussion on the Nigerian governors’

wives and their roles in the activity of their husbands. So, let me start now

by  introducing myself properly; well, I am a middle-aged lady, (of course,

like all elegant African female, I will not appreciate being referred to as a

woman). I am well read and I hold interesting opinions on issues, mainly

based on my experience in life. Since I have been around for a while (here

on earth), I have seen so much and on the basis of my experience, I will like

to make regular comments on life issues and sometimes on current issues

and events as well.

More importantly, I am passionate about women issues and I like to relate

every happening around me to the Woman Issue, especially from the

African perspective. (Oh, I forgot to tell you, I am proudly African!) So, look

out for my weekly comments; don’t mind me, I am a bit lazy, else, I should

have a daily comment, don’t you think? But, living in Naija is not ‘bread

and butter’, it’s like living in permanent crisis, so, you cannot expect me to

operate in top form (no light, no water, no fuel, no food, and no security!).

However, I can promise you that, together, we shall have fun; in fact, we can

become good friends.

Let me inform you that when I started out my life journey, I wanted

to be a T.V. star! But, somehow, it did not work out, so, I ended up as a

radio presenter. Be sure you’ll get to know more about all these and the

experiences I garnered, soon, when we get to know each other more

closely. The ‘endemic’ corruption in the society I live in had spread to all

areas while I was in service, and the broadcast media was not left out, so,

I left. But the dream is still very much alive in me and I intend to pursue it

further. How? Well, the more you visit this site, the more you’ll get to know

and share in that dream.

What do you say? Are you ‘in’ on this? Please, be my guest.


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