This is a debut of this blog on this website; so, if you are a first time visitor to this website, I welcome you to a wonderful experience. Not that it is actually new though, the point is, it is the first time on this newly refurbished site, www.africanrubiz.org . When we were operating from the dot.com account, we started something, but, we decided to tarry a while until we have an improved service. And, here we are!

What do you think of this new website? What do you think is missing? What do you think we should add? What are the areas you think we should improve? Tell us what you would like to see more?  As an African woman, what are your major concerns? We will continue to do more so that we can continue to meet your expectations. Sure, we will, always, work to the best of our abilities. But, remember, this website is designed to help women in every ways, and also to bring women of Africa together to share ideas, compare experiences, and generally network. It is our hope that we will grow to become a ‘one – stop – shop’ website for African women.

Now to the governors’ wives issue; did you hear of the show of shame by Nigerian governors over the weekend? Well, whether you are a Nigerian, an African, or a woman from whatever race or tongue, it is an issue that every woman need to contemplate. As a woman, how much do you influence your husband’s decisions positively? Governors are the decision makers of their states, and as men at the helm of affairs, their actions and decisions go a long way to influence their society. So, what kind of examples will they be leaving behind when so called leaders cannot even comport themselves enough to conduct a fair and peaceful election ‘amongst them’! Now, you wonder if none of them consult with their wives that morning. I mean, it cannot be all of them that will be ‘tigers’ at home who would not be approachable at home. So, if they had consulted their wives, how many of such women would have advised their husbands to do or say things that would paint them as ‘first class fools’? I do not believe any woman would have done such. So, why are these men like these? Why can they not take the first advice from their better half first, who would share the glory or shame of their office and the actions or decisions taken therein?

Well, the truth is, when men are in positions of authority, they feel on top of the world, and they look down on their wives; but, I believe that women of such men have a duty to let them know that there are always CONSEQUENCES of whatever actions taken under such circumstances. Any woman who is a homemaker would always know how to approach her man, to make him listen to her. More and more , it is clearer that women roles are pivotal to the success of the husbands activity in whatever situation he finds himself; therefore, it is imperative for a woman to do whatever she could to help the man make a success of his life, even when it sometimes means ‘saving him from himself’. At the end of the day, the shame may become messy and spread to the woman as in the case of the ‘Governor’s Forum’ in Nigeria.


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