Nursing Mother Refuses to Breast Feed Baby for Fear of Death

A nursing mother, Salamatu Abdulai, for customary belief, has refused to touch and breastfeed her new-born baby boy for fear of being called a witch.

Madam Salamatu broke down in tears after giving birth to her baby early hours of Wednesday at the Yendi hospital and vowed never to touch or chest feed her baby.

Madam Salamatu Abdulai, from the Nageba tribe, hails from a village called Nayuba near Dimong, a Konkomba Community in the Yendi Municipality.

She lamented that, she has been barred according to their customary practices from touching or breastfeeding her child until the nod of the unbiblical cord is brought down which takes over a week.

he said, based on her cultural beliefs, the child will die if she fed or touched him and again should she attempt to give birth, that child will also die, meaning she won’t be able to give birth all her life.

Madam Salamatu explained that, her baby will be given to a different nursing mother to be fed until the nod of the unbiblical cord is brought down.

Meanwhile, the boss of CHRAJ in the Yendi Municipality, Mr. Abass Yakubu, has stepped into the case arguing and insisting that the action of the woman is in violation of the child’s rights.

He said, his outfit would ensure that the matter is taken up to ensure that the right thing is done.

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