Celebrating Motherhood By Mohamed Seif

Mohamed Seif is our new blogger from Kenya, he sent in this story recently. We look forward to him joining us soon as our East Africa correspondent.

Mums arriving at the invite only event held at the Bliss Resort in Mombasa

Being a mother is no doubt such a demanding experience, perhaps even the toughest of jobs. Having to look out after often feisty kids, to protect and cater to their demands and see them grow as the years drag away perhaps provide a perspective to this conclusion. It is for this reason that about 80 mothers congregated over the weekend during an inaugural event of the Supamamas in the coastal city of Mombasa to pay homage to this noble calling.
A one stop shop events and marketing organization, Supamamas is dedicated to providing information to mums by linking them to networks and experts in the child and mother care industry in Kenya.
Yet the atmosphere of the event did not assume the usual motions associated with children raring at the home front but was rather a quite elaborate affair marked by trendy dress codes, beauty, inspirational talks, networking and sisterly from-the-heart advice trading.
Graced by successful women and mothers from across the professional and non profit community oriented fields the prevailing theme seemed to be the need for balance by mums to accommodate other aspects of their lives that require attention apart from work.

Waiters serving snacks at the event

“I brought my children here today for a reason because I need to spend time with them, and that way I balance it all,” was what Mariam Mpaata, a mother of four and the founder of Junior Stars Football Academy said at the event.

Looking elegant in a rather simple way adorned in a multi coloured flowing dress with a complementing waist piece hugging her form and a black head gear covering her hair, the winner of the Women Award Top 40 under 40 2014 quoted profusely from the book ‘Celebrating Friendships Among Women’ as she emphasized on the subject of making useful networks and mutual support.

“You need all that beautiful support but do you support others,” she posed to the mums.

While a fair part of Evelyne Lelle’s speech, an acclaimed local motivational speaker, author and successful business woman focused on personal growth and business branding advice she also had a more personal line to fellow women.

Mothers receiving gifts at the event

She said, “You must look hot always and that’s a key learning point I hope you’ll take from here,” something that was received with wide acknowledgement from the crowd.

Lelle also took issue with business women who lack confidence in their brands and have an attitude of being somewhat under appreciative of what they do.

“If you are doing a business then be proud of it and take every opportunity to market your brand to your friends, acquaintances and to everyone who cares to know, if you don’t blow your trumpet for yourself no one will do it for you, give it the very best you can ever do in whatever occupation you are in,” she said.

According to the director of Supamamas Christine Khasina and a mother of one, housewives and the roles they play in society are not being fully acknowledged and therefore women need to have more platforms where they can “support each other and grow together”.
She encouraged housewives not to despair in their dreams because of motherhood but instead use their skills to generate income even in their situation.

“When I became a mum I felt so out of place because you always focus so much on the child that you forget about other things and even yourself but what I want to tell mums is that with their own skills they can do something from home, they can still do online businesses and food deliveries for instance,” she said.

A delighted mum receiving a voucher for a slimming therapy session
Participants performing a brief stretching exercise

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