Fashion – Women Rocks Hats Too

Hats were made for men, just like trousers. But like we have taken over and revolutionalised trousers into high-waists, leggings and now jeggings, we have also taken over hats. One thing is for sure though, women look extra sexy in a masculine look. So, how can you wear the different hats to fit a dress, jeans, leather pants or shirt? And what hats can you wear? Baseball cap, cowboy hat, fedora, beanie?

First off, at no one time should you wear a fedora, baseball cap, or beanie to a formal event. Even the formal women’s hats look good only when the matron of honour is wearing it alongside the bridal entourage; if for nothing else, so that her beauty does not overshadow that of the bride.

You cannot wear a hat that matches your outfit – like a leather hat with a leather jacket. So, if you choose leather at the bottom, pair it with a tweed newsboy hat. You can only wear a leather cap if you are wearing leather boots and a short shirt or dress.

For a daytime look, wear a woven hat with a good pair of worn-in jeans and a simple white blouse. Pair a straw fedora with short shorts and a high heel for a fun contrast between masculine chic and feminine beauty.

A fedora with a rounded brim adds a sixties retro vibe to even the most modern look. Get a floppy felt straw hat for the beach which goes well with a long or short summer dress, shorts, jeans and even a swimsuit.

If you choose the lazy beanie (head sock), make sure your make-up stands out with say deep red lipstick. A loose-at-the-top beanie is a great companion to rest your long braids in at the back, but still allow bangs or wisps to show around the front.

And lastly, wear a statement hat to a fancy event like an office party, an outdoor social event like polo, goat race or family day out. For sporting events, pull out your baseball cap and rock on.

For a golf game, even if you are just watching, a visor is the best option to go with your polo T-shirt shorts and sneakers.

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