Grooming Does Not Make You Feminine

There was a law passed on pornography that was christened ‘anti-miniskirt’ and our women counting losses. Sadly, they are roughed up by chaps not worth calling men even though they wear pants, grow beards and are bald. Undressing a woman because she is wearing a short skirt is simply abhorrent and says a lot about the degree of how uncouth and chauvinistic one is.

In the midst of this ‘undress-them’ havoc, the police issued an advisory against the vice, saying, in simple terms, that undressing a woman or a man is a breach of a section in the penal code, bla, bla, bla. Wait a minute, even men risk being undressed? I then wish to ask the police who will undress men, women? I do not think so.

However, there are men who also dress indecently. I mean the ones who wear sagging pants with their boxer shorts peeping out, commonly called ‘balance’.

So where did this ‘balancing’ come from? Online research points fingers to jails, especially in the USA, where belts were not allowed as they facilitate suicide episodes. In addition, sagging pants also showed how available an inmate was to sexual advances – note that jails are single-sexed, huh?

And since the homosexuality debate is still fresh on our tongues, some men may be wary of sagging their pants and wearing bright-coloured pants that are trendy but were previously thought feminine. So fellas, be careful; you would not want the mob to undress you.

In this regard, how can you match your coloured outfit without sending the wrong signal about your sexual orientation? It may be a tight rope, considering that men here who go the distance to get groomed on a regular with pedis and manis, apply lip-gloss on cracking lips or lotion to their hands. Men who also wear coloured contact lenses are given a second look with a sneer, as if to suggest something about their orientation.

To hell with such prejudice, I say. In this scorching sun these days, step out in your shorts and sleeveless T-shirt. Or button up half way and enjoy the breeze that will cool you off. In such sunny weather, colourful shirts, linen pants and vests are the things to wear for any man who loves to savour his environs, especially over the weekend. Hit the swimming pool and beach for a dip. You need to cool off and have fun, which is stuff you won’t do comfortably in jeans.

Do not be quick to write off the lotion or petroleum jelly from your shopping list because you don’t want your skin to dry up. Simply put, do not let the homosexuality debate dampen your quest to look your best; a man is a man when he comfortably looks his best. I will be back with sandals as promised last week!

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