Just as the ‘legalized abortion’ craze, that has turned the world into a large burial ground for unborn babies; there is a new madness in town now. And the cry for its legalization everywhere is already becoming a deafening noise. Many countries are at loggerheads with each other as to whether to accept or reject it. However, it is a big relief that Nigeria, as a country, has shown a measure of sensibleness for once, by making a law to ban the madness in her land.

The ‘gay’ craze is very ripe, and the harvest is on. A few other countries with a semblance of morals are still making feeble resistance; but we all know that it is a matter of time before they bow down low before the ‘American might’. The world awaits the outcome of the ‘Ugandan stubbornness’ and the ‘Russian resistance’; and we all look forward to an interesting turn out of this drama of the absurd that is being played out around the world. And, we all await the response of the world to the courageous step recently taken by Nigeria against this moving madness.

Living and experimenting life against the DIVINE ORDER has never present anything good for mankind; especially in a situation that even animals have never been known to try out the dirty act! Indeed, man never learns from history; the acts and moves that led to the downfall and utter destruction of mighty empires of the past are what today’s humans are toying with. Surely, madness is the new life style.


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