When the wife becomes the head of the home

As I browsed through Facebook over the weekend, I came across a link of an article on Daily Mail about Britain’s worst wife. Kate Thompson is unquestionably the worst wife, not just in Britain but the entire universe if you ask me. She refuses to do any chores around the house and you would think she compensates for this disturbing behaviour in the sack but no! The woman only performs her marital duties in the bedroom once a decade!!!

She thinks of her man as kind and considerate (insane as hell if I may add) because he does all the work without being asked and has a full time job to add to that. Whereas Kate comes off as self-absorbed, she claims it is a price she is willing to pay for her happiness. After all, they do say a happy wife means a happy home, right?

Although Kate has never physically hurt her husband, the emotional depression that comes with not being ‘the man in the house’ is enough to send any man to an insane asylum!

There is endless information written on men who are abusive, intimidating or controlling. There is much less written, however, about women who do the same. Although the women are fewer in numbers, the wrath they wield is intense, scary and damaging.

I can confidently say that women emancipation has gone a little bit too far; women have ceased just wearing the pants and are now thee pants!!

I was once invited for dinner by a married acquaintance – she had been married for two years at the time. This chick had never displayed any kind of ‘alpha being’ characteristics in the time I had known her. That is why I was mortified when she kept bossing her husband around.

Now, I’m all for equality and everything but this was downright bullying! And the most degrading part of it was watching the man get up with so much energy every time the chick snapped a finger. Just when you thought there could be no more awkwardness, she bragged about how her man had cooked!

Nobody loves a guy that can cook the way that I do, but seriously, if we are expecting guests, I’d rather do the cooking myself to avoid questions in people’s heads that go, what kind of wife is she?

The winner was when during dinner, when their one-and-a-half-year-old couldn’t stop jumping around, she insinuated that if there was a way, she would put the ‘little terrorist’ back in her belly and cook her till she was civilised! She then proceeded to finish her dinner after telling her man to cradle the baby till she slept, which naturally he did.

I couldn’t resist. I just had to ask her how she got her man to behave like a slave. She didn’t quite get the sarcastic tone in my voice and went ahead to claim it was all love. I was convinced she had intentionally left out ‘portion’ in her statement.

Whereas it’s not cool for men to bully women, it’s even ‘uncooler’ the other way round. We are women; whether you are a housewife or working woman, you have no business bossing your man around like he was hired to work for you. We can’t talk about equal rights if the second we get liberal men, we see it as an opportunity to be rude and domineering.

If this is how you operate, slap yourself about thrice, apologise to your man for being such a crappy wife then work on being the good woman you have the potential to be.

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