When Flirting Becomes Dangerous

“It was harmless, at least that is what I thought,” says 28-year-old Mary Jane Arinaitwe. “We met at a friend’s party and my boyfriend was out of town. My friend introduced us and we really hit it off. At the end of the night, he asked for my number and honestly, I didn’t see the harm in giving it to him because I assumed he wouldn’t even call. I was wrong. He did. And two weeks later, we were in a hotel room, cheating on my boyfriend. He eventually found texts in my phone and broke up with me. And now, I miss him like crazy and I know it’s all my fault.”

Like Mary Jane, so many already ‘unavailable’ women have flirted once or twice in their lives- some have maybe even turned it into a hobby. Exhilarating as it can get, when does what started out as simple flirting become dangerous? After a week of constant communication, in come steamy texts and late night calls till they ‘physically meet’.

Remember, both parties have partners. Like true chemistry, they move on to more x-rated stuff! Feelings eventually grow, even though they cannot be reciprocated physically, however, both keep each other in a safety deposit box for that proverbial rainy day.

So I wonder; does it start with the saucy texts? The exchange of naughty pictures? When does flirting get dangerous? To single people, a little flirting never hurt anyone but when you are ‘attached’, you have no business flirting elsewhere and if you think it is harmless, you are only fooling yourself. Things will get ugly!

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