Female Entrepreneurs Train On State Projects

Dealing in agriculture, ICTs, livestock, they brainstormed on better orientating their activities.

A host of female entrepreneurs operating in the Littoral Region, regrouped under the canopy of “New Faces New Voices Cameroon”, held a contact-making meeting last week. The particularity about the day’s gathering was the exchange between the members and officials of three different ministries.

The motive, according to the association’s President, Gisele Yitamben, is to get acquainted with government’s requirements, the different financial and other opportunities available at the level of the ministries or as to better canalise their activities on the field. The need to match their strides with daily realities, she added, is to provide appropriate responses to problems plaguing the women’s fields of intervention.

The representative from the Littoral Regional Delegation of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gisele Ngnepi, Chief of Service for Agricultural Development, presented programmes sponsored by government and international partners aimed at boosting food production to curb food shortage, with examples of the improved food crops. The Chief of Service for the Development of Production and Animal Industries at the Regional Delegation of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Fokam née Tenguh Fomukong, urged the members to venture on fish farming which compared to other activities, flourishes with market possibilities.

The last presentation by the Chief of Service for Information, Sensitisation and Documentation at the Regional Delegation of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, Celestin Youbara, underscored existing employment possibilities in waste management, geared towards the protection of biodiversity. Other meetings are programmed in the days ahead.

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