Sexual Exploitation Harming Girls Empowerment

The Executive Director of Difference for Children International Liberia (DCI), Mr. Foday M. Kawah, has alarmed over the high increase of Sexual Exploitation & Abuse practices in the country.

Speaking during the weekend at the opening of the three days women Win Life Skill & Social Reintegration Competitions held between five communities in central Bensonville, Mr. Kiawah said, sexual exploitations can mostly be find in schools. He described the practices as harming girls’ empowerment in the country.

According to the Executive director the issue is one of the great challenges in empowering girls as part of DCI responsibility.

He meanwhile, promises to include boys in the program in order to have the girls protected. The Difference for Children International Liberia DCI is an international organization partnering with Plan Liberia, Forum for African Women Educationalist FAWE among others to help educate and empower girls.

Also speaking at the program was the Plan Liberia GPP coordinator madam Beatrice Newland who stated that the program is a five years implementing program which starting in 2011-2015, and is taking place in four counties.

She named Montserrado, Lofa, Grand cape mount and Bomi counties that are benefiting from the program. She said, the program is to protect girls from any violence, increases girls participation in decision making among others.

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