South African Businesswoman Inspires Entrepreneurs to Achieve Perfect Balance of Passion & Profits

Having struggled within her own business to achieve a sense of full personal and financial reward, South Africa’s Lauren Fleiser is well aware of the dilutions and distortions that can hamper entrepreneurs’ dreams. Having established her acclaimed ‘Trutrepreneur®’ brand, Fleiser is delighted to announce her new book – ‘Being True to Yourself Through Your Business’. With an exciting launch party planned for August 22nd, the book is expected to resonate with readers around the world.

As Lauren Fleiser knows first-hand, being an entrepreneur often requires the pursuit of either passion or profits, but rarely both. However, after struggling with business dilutions and distortions while watching thousands of other entrepreneurs make their own choice between revenue and happiness, Fleiser established her ‘Trutrepreneur® (say: troo-truh-pruh-nur)’ brand to help anyone have both.

Trutrepreneur® actively promotes finding the delicate balance between the fluidity of creating as a free thinking human being and the structured, societal framework of a business. Wanting to reach as many people as possible and make a difference to both their lives and bottom lines, Fleiser is delighted to announce the launch of her ground-breaking new book.

Synopsis of ‘Being True to Yourself Through Your Business’:

Are business methods killing your dreams? Entrepreneurs are always told to do what they love, but being passionate about the product or service you are offering through your business is not enough. Passions and dreams are easily diluted and distorted by the many harsh realities and requirements of running a successful business. Business models that guarantee revenue generation are not necessarily the best for your long term dreams. Customers that are easy to land and who can pay you are not always pleasant to work with.

Lucrative deals that come your way may steer your vision off course. Marketing and selling can feel like a slog and take the enjoyment away from your dream. Your personality can feel stifled by formal business practices. The need to chase money every month to pay the bills can easily override your enjoyment. Lifelong entrepreneur Lauren Fleiser teaches strategies that will minimize these dilutions and distortions. These strategies will enable you to enjoy the profound experience of creating what you want for your life through every component of your business.

As the author explains, most entrepreneurs are suffering in silence.

“97% of entrepreneurs are struggling. One of the main causes is that the entrepreneur sets out to express their passion and creativity through their product and then the harsh realities of business kick in and the entrepreneur gets stuck. The entrepreneur needs to learn how to express their passion and learn how to create what they want through every aspect of their business.”

Continuing, “They need to learn how to create and manifest the life that they want using the framework of a business. A combined life and business strategy is what is required through each separate component of the business.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews. For example, Brian Walsh commented, “This book really makes you think about why you are in business and the choices you make in every aspect of your business. I think Lauren has really opened a brilliant discussion every entrepreneur needs to have with themselves. This is a book every entrepreneur should read!”

While the book is currently available in eBook format and in paperback on Amazon, August 22nd marks its official launch with a spectacular party and networking event in Bryanston, Johannesburg, Gauteng. With an open invite to all entrepreneurs and media personnel, attendees can look forward to valuable information about the book’s philosophy (including unpublished secrets), networking and plenty of good food. Special provision has also been made for Media personnel to book one-on-one interviews with Lauren prior to the event at the venue.

“It’s going to be a great opportunity to gather together and learn how we can further our success by finding that special passion/profit balance most never thought possible. Come along, grab a book and network!” Fleiser adds.

Interested attendees can find out more about the event and RSVP here:

‘Being True to Yourself Through Your Business’ is available now in Kindle format: as well as in paperback format on Amazon.

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