Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

For 20 years, the Business Opportunities & Franchise Expo in partnership with platinum sponsor Eskom has successfully matched entrepreneurs with the abundant business opportunities available to those who are motivated to own their own business.

If you are ambitious and driven by a desire to own your own business and be successful, find out if you have what it takes to be a successful business owner:

The Top 5 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
  1. Positive, motivated and ambitious self-starter.Even when they’re working for a boss, entrepreneurs take their work to heart. They put in the hours and effort that are needed and take the business’s success or failure personally. They are positive and driven ‘dream employees’ who don’t need to be micro-managed or pushed to meet deadlines.
  2. Confident and courageous risk taker.Entrepreneurs understand the “no risk, no reward” concept and will take the necessary, calculated risks to achieve their goals. They are confident in their abilities, believe in what they are doing and don’t take “no” for an answer.Though subject to fear like all of us, rather than be immobilised by it, they harness fear and use it to drive them toward their objective. When they fail they get up, fix the problem, learn from their mistakes and resolve to do better.
  3. Creative and innovative.Where others see dead ends, they see opportunities. The entrepreneur in employee’s clothing will challenge existing systems and methods, continually seeking (and finding) new, better, more efficient and creative ways to not only achieve the set goal but exceed it. On their watch, old products, services and systems are re-invented and new, better ones are conceived and delivered.
  4. Disciplined and take responsibility.Long after the shine has worn off, an entrepreneur will find the discipline to complete a task. They’ll make the necessary sacrifices and do what must be done without having to be told. When the heat is on, they don’t point fingers or make excuses, but “own their actions,” taking full responsibility for the good and the bad.
  5. Passionate about what they do and do what they are passionate about.Entrepreneurs know instinctively that success comes from doing what you love and what you’re good at. Their business plays to their strengths, skills and passion.

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