For the love of books


Hi there, I’m sorry I’ve been scarce. I was ill for a while but I’m better now, I was also very busy after I recovered. I even attended an alumni reunion in my secondary school but I’m back now and I’ll try not to disappear again. If you’re wondering how the the party was, it was very fine. I had fun seeing my classmates again even if it was just a few of them. I’ll probably post a few of our photos later if you’re interested. Anyway, my been in bed for such a long time had me reading a lot of books and I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I love to read which is why I write for Ruby books. Reading is my passion and I can’t let a day go bye without reading something. Books are the one thing I care about and I’ll pay any amount for it. My favorite author is Danielle Steel, she writes romance. My favorite novel is Toxic bachelors by Danielle Steel.

Although I love romance and contemporary novels, I also love classics and historical novels even autobiographies. My favorite classic is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen though I also love the Bronte sisters. My favorite classic movie is Sense and Sensibility also by Jane Austen. For me, books are exciting, fun and very engaging. They engage emotions and help improve your imagination which is why good readers are great writers. I have read a lot of books whether for academic purpose or just for pleasure and I’ve found that it helps me to increase my vocabulary and express my imaginative skills; I tend to imagine different endings for books I read. I have discovered that reading on diverse subjects helps an individual to become a better person whether it’s reading romance, biographies, classics, essays even magazines. Just read and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll discover and learn. It’s such a shame that the world is losing it’s reading culture. We need to learn that reading and writing is an art and it had to be cultivated. Great writers are assets to their society. So why not take the time to read a new book today, and if you love reading why not take the time to read more. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll enjoy it. So yes that’s all for now. Hope you have a great week ahead. Merciful.

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