Our Rulers and ‘Domestic Violence’ Patterns

Just as domestic abuse usually starts in a subtle way for example little pushes, at times a some what hard slap with ruffled apologies. The same way is how corrupt rulers reign over sub-Saharan-Africa.

They usually come to power at democratic times and at other times un-democratic. After all the the fanfare their true colors start to reveal itself. As domestic violence victims wonder if they are at fault with their oppressors, so Africans wonder if it’s their destiny to be labeled with corrupt political leaders.  When countries think an evil regime has ended guess what? Another evil appears this time  gradually, it also brings along with it cohorts of sorrow and greed and over time African countries find themselves drawn to bad policies and decaying standard of living.

This is just the same with domestic violence when not properly checked; the victims are drawn to their oppressors.

As abusers blame something or someone for their wickedness, so African rulers blame past administrations, political rivals, lack of certain resources and now to the familiar phrase ‘the West (United States & its allies) is to blame for economic woes all over the continent.

Some leaders on the continent even blame the citizens for the evil using all sorts of subtle abusive languages. It’s a norm with abuser to think themselves as lords who are always right. The same could be said of some presidents in Africa, they think they know it all, it is even worse when they surround themselves with mediocre advisers.

Abuser rarely apologize to their victims, a main characteristics exhibited by African rulers. Another trait similar to Africa rulers is that of lies.

Look for a victim of domestic violence especially those that were under the rule of pimps, they would tell you that the pimp just kept promising them heaven even when death was imminent. It’s the same thing with mother Africa. Leaders, be it the big, small, and medium all have the same characteristics. This is the ability to produce well crafted lies from within them to spew to the desperate citizens that can’t discern properly.


Take a check from so called mighty Nigeria, DR. Congo, South Africa, Ghana, Tunisia, Egypt, Uganda, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Cameroun and Zimbabwe even others; the lies just abound, confusion persist and corruption spreads as an eagle.

Let’s look at this demonic disease Ebola virus and see the confusion all over. The three worst affected countries namely: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea-Conakry are cases of visionless government that have never seen the need for an aggressive health care system.

The same applies in abusers they can’t discern right from wrong, always coming from the point of being victims themselves. Ebola is ravaging the continent the West are still being blamed. When all that needed to be done was to set up research centers long ago that can study the virus even before it became an endemic.

Encourage small and medium scale industries then we would not be looking desperately for clothing and gloves, what a mediocrity from a whole race. Even hand sanitizers are missing with all our alcohol in the forest, alcohol to fight Ebola virus is not available. Even washing soaps are scarce, the materials to make detergent are available but to make it a finished product is a problem.

Hence, scarcity hits mother Africa when crisis sets in Ebola/not its will still be the same situation after this menace of disease has be tackled. The same pattern applies to abuser they are so blind the need to seek help is lacking in them. What a pattern exist between our African rulers and domestic violence victims and perpetrators very glaring.

With all the help available to victims of domestic violence, many refuse to go further and report the issue. Let’s look at Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ), even with the arrivals of international forces from the likes of the United States, Britain and China etc. 200 abducted girls’ maybe women are still being held captive by terrorist group Boko Haram in Borno State in Northeastern Nigeria.

The same applies to most African countries with all assistance available and information basic things still lack in all African countries.

Just saw that Australia has stopped issuing entry visas to people from West Africa countries affected by Ebola (bbc.com).What else will Africa do when doors to succor  are being closed by the same West that is badly insulted in our various countries, result to name calling as an abuser would do.


Let’s see another link between an African ruler and an abuser that of religion much abuse and the abuser at times usually hid under the guise of religion. They claim that their religion allows them the sole authority in homes, workplaces etc. some are so blinded by their religious stance they try to enforce it even on strangers, when you refuse perpetrators call you inhuman names.

Most African president hide under religion even quote scriptures from the bible when they are Christian and Quran if Muslims but their practices fall short of what the holy bible contains etc.  The continent’s presidents resort to name calling when religious blackmail proves ineffective. Such names include unpatriotic, insensitive, cabals, terrorist, zealots among others.  The pattern is similar to an abuser that labels their victims unprintable names when victims start to stand up to their wickedness.

Take the position of an economic abuser he/she don’t own the victims money or property but would start from somewhere to control the other person’s resources.  See our presidents has they fight, kill even promote genocide against ethnic tribes in their respective countries just to control their countries resources at all cost. The cost or carnage is secondary to most Head of States in Africa as  economic resources has to be used for themselves and families and loyalist what an affront to human rights and economic rights to citizens of this wonderfully abused continent.

Cover up is part of an abuser, locking the victims at times their own children in basements or some awkward places to keep evil and silence thriving. Visit most African states and you would hear stories of cover up.  Either its financial misappropriation, extra judicial killings or harsh dealing of political rivals most if not all countries on the continents have deep degrees of cover up; even so-called investigations into some issues are cover ups.

Victims of domestic violence are always stolen from depending on when the abuse starts.  Every country in Africa is been stolen from by the ruling class and their partners who launder their evil monies for them in other parts of the world. The same with abuser they always have a fearful sympathetic ally following their evil.

What are priorities to an abuser? To demise of their victims. What are priorities to Africa’s rulers? The plundering of their natural resources and citizens lives.

What the way out nationals fight as victims of domestic violence do when they come to reality that death is inevitable they fight.

This post was written by Magbegor Ovie.



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