Do Women Really Spend Wisely?

It has been proven that women in general are less concerned about financial management, than they are about money spending. Unfortunately, many women are taught that a man makes the money while a woman is encouraged to spend it.

Society teaches a woman that a man will be responsible for her basic needs be it shelter, food and clothes. Hence to most women expense management is something that not many have mastered as they expect a man to take care of them.

Currently more women want financial independence and as an increasing number of women make their own money, less women seem to know how to save and invest wisely from what they earn.

Learning how to budget is the biggest challenge women face. Having a budget structures the way you handle your finances. With a budget you discipline yourself if you strictly adhere to it by respecting its boundaries.

Moreover learning how to manage one’s spending and finances is an exercise that requires a high level of discipline, to develop a plan and implement it till.

Nurturing good money habits just takes a bit of practice and many of women give up after failing the first few attempts. Spending money unnecessarily is be detrimental to one’s financial goals.

For this reason the Ladies of Destiny Network is holding a public talk on wise spending on Saturday 12th of October at the National Museum in Dar es Salaam, adjacent to the Institute of Financial Management (IFM) in the evening.

The brains behind the talk is Rose Mushi an economist by profession. She is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and founder of the Ladies of Destiny Network.

“We are expecting around 400 women entrepreneurs in attendance and dinner will be served,” says Ms Mushi. Main speakers at the event include Ms Mushi herself who will talk about how women can effectively control spending. Other speakers include Nancy Sumari, former Miss Tanzania who will touch base of how best to use business language.

Another speaker is Ms Assumpta Mshama Member of Parliament Nkenge, Kagera who will elaborate on success tools for women. Ms Mushi is passionate about reaching and repositioning women and youth.

“Generally speaking my messages centre on ethics, encouragement and restoration.” she says. The Ladies of Destiny Network aims at empowering women with correct and timely information that helps them in their professional and domestic lives.

The Network offers opportunities for women in Tanzania to learn and discuss issues women face and offer workable solutions. On top of providing information and encouraging women to meet each other the Network assists fellow women materially and financially.

Ms Mushy despite her busy schedule finds time to write inspirational books which include ‘Why Should You Wait?, ‘What makes a Lady Attractive’ , ‘Brothers in relationships’, ‘Keys to Academic Excellence’, ‘Wisdom for Singles’, and ’20 Types of Men in the Dating World’

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