Great Looking Lashes in a Snap! Read 7 Hot Tips for Applying Mascara

Young woman applying mascaraApplying mascara might seem like a relatively easy task but doing it the right way is a little different. To get that stellar look, it takes a different technique. When it comes to applying mascara, there are some tips that can help you get more volume, get to those hard-to-reach eyelash hairs and give you great-looking lashes every time.

So how can you get a hold on these great tips? Don’t worry BN Beauty has got your back. Keep reading for 5 tips on applying great-looking mascara.

Curl them First
I know a lot of women, myself inclusive, have had terrible experiences with eye lash curlers. The wrong move and your eye lids would be cursing you out. But, the eyelash curler is a necessity when it comes to applying mascara.

First you use the curler, making sure you aim properly, to firmly hold the lashes curling them lashes in the process. It is always easier to start curling from the outer corner of your lash line and then curl in sections. This way you get a great angle on curling and not omit any hair.

Apply some Powder
After you have curled the lashes, add some powder to them. Adding powder to the lashes gives the lashes a coat before the mascara is applied. That is why a lot of people dab on powder in between mascara coats to get extra volume.

You can use your powder brush to lightly dab on loose powder on your lashes and then begin the mascara application.

Always Wipe off Excess Mascara
When you take out your mascara spool, there is usually a clump of excess mascara at the tip. Gently scrape off the excess in the mascara tube before you begin the application. Why? Because, when you use the spool like that, the first application is excessive. Also you would be using more than is necessary.

Move and Shake the Spool as you Apply
As you place the mascara spool on your lashes, swipe upwards once or twice. After that, place the spool at the base of your lashes and shake back and forth as you simultaneously move the spool to the tip of your lashes. This technique separates the individual lashes giving you more precision in the application and makes your job neater.

Hold the Spool Vertically and Apply Again
When creating volume, you need to strategically re-apply mascara on your lashes. After the first coat, turn the spool vertically and re-apply to the top set of your lashes with light sharp strokes. This singles the eye lashes out more, giving each one individual volume.

Apply Vertically on the Bottom Lashes
Your bottom lashes need some mascara too. Using the same technique of vertical application as above, apply mascara to the bottom lashes. This makes your eyes look brighter and gets your bottom eye lashes in on the action.

Apply a Last Coat
After you have applied coats of mascara to both the top and bottom lashes, give them one last coat for extra volume and you’re done.

Before we call this a wrap, check out some tips on the various effects different types of mascara can give you.

How to Apply Mascara - Bellanaija - July2013002 – To make your eye lashes look really thick, you should use mascara with the spool brushes close together (See Physicians Formula and Bobbi Brown spools above). This also helps ladies with scanty lashes.
– For women with long lashes, use a brush that has long bristles so you can reach every length of the lash (See Smashbox and Rimmel spools above).
– If you do not want a thick mascara look, then get a mascara that has its brushes set widely apart. This is the opposite of the type of mascara that thickens your lashes (See the MAC spool above).
– If you are looking for even coverage, then get a spool that is curved. This has been patterned to fit your natural eyelash curve so you get even distribution (See the Maybeline spool above).
– To get to those hard to reach areas, use a straight spool (See the Benefit and Revlon spools above).
– For your lower lashes, use a brush that has a short spool. This has more precision and can get into the lower lash corner better (See the Givenchy spool above).

It’s basic and pretty simple. If you have any ideas or tips on how to apply mascara and look great every time, don’t forget to share them with us.

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