Kenya: What Does Pelvic Rest Mean?

I met a Dutch doctor a few weeks ago and she has been working in Mbagathi Hospital for the last few months. She asked me if I knew what ‘pelvic rest’ means and I had to confess that I didn’t but I would assume it means something along the lines of keeping your pelvic bone or region at rest.

Well I wasn’t too wrong, it turns out that this is what doctors prescribe to their patients when they want the patient to abstain from sexual activity for example after child birth. It got me thinking about the kind of doctor or medical practitioner who says this to a patient. If your intention is to communicate something to someone, wouldn’t you make sure that you use words that the person can understand?

Also when it comes to sexual matters and establishing a relationship with a patient as their ‘trusted source of information’, why use vocabulary that creates barriers? Ideally it is in doctors’ chambers that we get to ask all manner of embarrassing and private questions, if the doctor speaks a language that you do not understand, how can you bring up those issues that you can barely describe in layman’s terms? HIV? Condom use with an unwilling partner? Description of symptoms of yeast infections or vaginosis? Hmmm doctors, how about letting go of what you read and just talking? Yes it is hard but that is why we have such respect for you guys.

Well, ladies ‘pelvic rest’ means ‘no sex’ for the duration that the doctor prescribes.


I am sure that you have noticed just how cold it is. Well the cold has an impact on your sex life and it might not be what you think: it makes it harder for us ladies to have an orgasm. In an orgasm study at the University of Groningen, half the couples were unable to make it to climax and the issue was cold feet. Once socks were offered, the success rate shot up to 80 percent. The area of the brain that is associated with genital sensation is right next-door to the one associated with feeling in the feet, writes Daniel Amen, MD, in his book Unleash the Power of the Female Brain. So pull on some socks people, it is not the sexiest look but who cares, what you really want is an orgasm.


I don’t usually publish my positive press but this was sent on Facebook and it was so good I cannot resist:

“Hi Valentine, good work, you saved my marriage. You are a God send. I used to have premature ejaculation and I came to see that I was focusing too much on myself. I switched to focusing on her and followed the steps you had put about breathing deeply, telling her to hold my balls between her fingers and it worked. Alinitisha ati she is leaving and even started receiving phone calls but now it is working and I truly thank you and God bless you.”

Thank you so much John, you made my week!!!

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