Angola: Women More Active in Job Market – Oma Official

The number of women that have become heads of the family increased in recent years in Angola, and they are getting more active in the job market, as well as becoming better able to combine their professional careers and other activities.

This was said on Saturday by the secretary of the Angolan Women’s Organisation (OMA), Albertina Teresa Mutumba.

The official was speaking at the opening act of the “Seminar on Entrepreneurship” which aims at informing and training businesspeople for their work.

According to Albertina Teresa, women need to be united and associated in co-operatives or associations, so that they can get support and credit from state entities.

“Currently one can see several women in different sectors of the entrepreneurial world and we cannot ignore the advantages of their activities, both for the reduction of their pressure on the job market and the probability of improving family income”, she explained.

She went on saying that the seminar serves for one to see and recognise the role business women have been playing in society and how they have helped to sustain the family.

She hoped that the knowledge being acquired can have a multidisciplinary effect and be promoted in the municipalities, communes, villages and wards, so as to motivate more women to develop projects that contribute to the reduction of hunger and poverty.

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