I have been married for fifteen years, but out of those fifteen years, I was only happy for a short period. my husband has a friend who takes all his attention, literally. I have been enduring because my parents told me that endurance is part of marriage and because I don’t want my children to live without their father.
However, recently, my husband and his friend joined a political party, and I also suddenly discovered that they are involved in a cult! it was one night, I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed my husband drinking something that looked like blood; I did not get up from the bed. then I noticed he made certain signs and then got up and walked with his back to our bathroom. after all the activity, he called his friend on the phone and asked if he had done his own, then, he sat down for about ten minutes before he came to the bed and slept off immediately. I almost pee on my bed because I could not get up for a few hours after that, I was scared.
Now, what was the meaning of all that? I dare not ask him! what should I do? I need urgent advice.

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Anonymous January 28, 2016

Seek some psychiatric medical treatment.

Anonymous February 6, 2016

You should pray. If you’re a Christian, tell someone you can trust,such as your Pastor about it,so that you can pray together and he/she can give you godly counsels. I don’t think you should ask him,your husband,  about it. Your children if they’re still young should also not know about it,in my opinion. 

Anonymous March 10, 2016

Have you seen the movie War Room?
If you give the devil the chance, my dear he will take over. If you want to save your marriage and rescue your husband from the power of darkness, my dear you got to stand and fight in prayers. I can assure you every thing will be restored. Stop complaining, speak to the devil because he can hear you. Take charge of your family affairs in case he forgot,,,,you have the power to resist what you do not like!


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