What Neck Piece Goes With What Neckline?


There are rules in fashion! which may or may not be broken. It all just depends on you and whether you are a Fashion Rebel. As much as you can’t lose a limb for committing a fashion faux pas, doing it right will always earn you points… which may or may not count really. On that same note, you will be glad to know that there are “rules” to wearing certain neckline outfits with particular neck pieces.

Find out below the not so mandatory but useful neckline rules.

#S quare neckline should be paired with Angular pendants

#O ff-shoulder neckline should be paired with Asymmetric neck pieces

#C ollared outfits should be paired with Short Pendant chains or Chokers

#S trapless numbers should be paired with a Choker

#T urtle necks should be paired with long chains or pendants

#B oat necks pair well with long beads

#C rew necks should be paired with Bibs or Collar neck pieces

#C owl necks are already too busy around the neckline, so it is best to feature your Earrings instead

#S weetheart necklines pair well with carved beads or pendants

#V necks should be paired with V shaped pendants

#S coop necks pair well with shorter pendants with volume

#H alter necks are best paired with slim pendants

When you fashionably look at it, this just gives you an excuse to own as many neck pieces as you can afford. More joy for neck piece collectors


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