When Friendships End  


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11/05/2017 11:07 pm  

So y'all know I'm an easygoing no fighting kind of girl but even I have had friendships that ended, not because of anything, it just kind of faded. I saw something on Twitter that reminded me of the loss of a very very very close friend.

You know those friends you tell everything to, those ones that listen to you rant and they don't mind, those ones that you talk to every single day and you still find something to say, yes, them! Have you ever had something happen that somehow turned that friendship around and left you strangers with stories. Well, I have.  

And I can't tell you how to get over it because I am still dealing with it myself. I can only say, live and live well. Time might not heal all wounds but it'll definitely dull the pain. I'm not perfect and I don't pretend to be, I'm just a girl going through life just like you and in the process I might lose my heart or have to walk past someone that was everything with nothing more than a smile for that friendship is over. It hurts but it's life and we can't always have what we want.



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