Natural Hair - Here We Go Again!  


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11/05/2017 9:34 pm  

I don't know if you've noticed but the greatest thing now in hair fashion is natural hair. Natural hair is both a fashion statement and a protest movement. There are activist groups saying we need to love everything about ourselves including our thick black curly hair instead of straight hair like the whites. I don't know about you though but there's something about relaxed hair that is so cool, for those few months your hair is stress free. Unfortunately, there are side effects to those chemicals that we use when we retouch our hair and activists are asking us to stop it.

From someone who has been natural for about a year (yay me!) It is quite stressful to keep natural hair and very expensive, there are ups and downs and days you will wish you were back to straight hair and there's always the shrinkage battle but all in all, it's an amazing experience that is truly beautiful. I didn't cut my hair for the fashion or the protest, I cut it because I was sick and lost my hair so I wanted to start afresh and I decided to leave it natural eventually.

Now my question is, do you think this natural hair fad is here to stay? Or do you think we will soon get over it? Do you agree with the activists or you just like to go with fashion? Or are you just not interested?




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