What's the Balance?  


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21/04/2017 1:09 pm  

You know how school goes and you always have to read all the time yet at the same time, there's a need to rest else you'll be putting your mental health at risk.

I always find it hard to balance my school work and my need for rest.I'm the kind of girl who sleeps 8 hours or nothing at all but on getting to school I found it hard to balance that and my academics. 

The need to read and study in the night because I am nocturnal and still get to rest enough not to be sick was definitely a challenge. But with a lot of planning and a ready schedule that I follow strictly, I have made it.

What about you? How do you find balance?

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22/05/2017 11:27 am  

Study balance a little closer, and you realize that what many of us perceive to be the ideal balance is in fact not balance at all. Unlike, say, a balanced scale, a balanced life is not symmetrical, still, or neutral. Like riding a bike, living a balanced life comes easier to you as you gain momentum. From that perspective, the myths and truths that follow can help you find a new understanding of balance -- and, finally, a way to get there yourself. Check this out for getting more info...

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24/10/2018 9:19 am  

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