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Our Days Are Numbered


those days are a tapestry of thoughts.

they came and went in different colours

like shades of blood coming monthly –

the last you saw marked the day you died.

now you live in nostalgia of rebirth…



But remember,

that depression is hemlock

served in silver cup,

& suicide is the best step never taken…


We’re all alive because

we die daily,

die again in nibbling thoughts

& live in better realities…

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Kemi is a retired broadcaster from the service of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria; while in service, she had her interest in women issues and had interviews with several notable women in the course of her duty as a producer in the service of the Federal government. Her interest in broadcasting was informed by her creative writing prowess; she has been very active in creative writing since her undergraduate days, and she has written a few fictional works in form of short stories and novel. Some of her short stories have appeared in anthologies of Short stories. Kemi was also very active in the establishment of the Women Writers Association of Nigeria (WRITA) and she served on its first Executive Council.


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