Indiscriminate touching of women


The rate at which women in Lagos markets have been treated has been bad. Upon entry to any Lagos market the rate at which women are been touched and forced left and right to get a product they dont desire has been demeaning.

Towards that end, women decided to troop to the popular Yaba Market to err their views about how much they don not like the actions of the traders in that community.

Upon entry, they were welcomed with a lot of criticism from the Yaba boys and that all women are expected to be touched and be played with. But with the presence of the police men at the peaceful demonstration, the Yaba boys decided to cower and retire to their shops, while the women were allowed to engage in their demionstration.

Yaba market is known for wears and other items that concerns both men and women. It has been notorious for disrecting women in general.

Yaba market is not the only market that such occur. The popular Oshodi or Ikeja market also has its own antics. They enagage in what those of their folks in Yaba also do. That has really really been bad.

We at Africanrubiz always advocate that women should be respected and that is the clarion call we are extending to market men who engage in such actions.

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