May Issue: Her Salient Silence


AfricanRubiz seek creative works that best portrays the African woman and her experiences along gender, socio-economic, political, religious, sexual and sensual issues – with salient touches of didacticism. These include majour happenings revolving around the African lady as a growing woman too. We tell her stories, your stories, our stories in the most stunning language we can conjure, including some measures of native mixing and language styling(with comprehensive interpretations as footnotes though).

You can read some of our published works here.

Deadline: This is the first issue at Africanrubiz. It is purposed for publication in May and the deadline is slated for May 10th. Please send your articles to

What to Submit:

Poetry: Two of your best unpublished poems, having not more that 4 Stanzas. Sure, you know that the economy of words is the wealth of poetry. We need that in-dept thought in expression that makes us feelher pains, joys, strength, passion and more… just the way she did, does or may do.

Fiction: In not more than 2000 words, normally spanning up to 1,500, you are expected to create enthralling images in a narrative that best paint a woman and her life in the African context. Those matters sometimes find pertinence with human daily experiences in all spaces, but you are to creatively bring us to Africa and make us see how such matters could have been peculiar to her. Yet, you do not have to tell it all. You can as well tell a few and we’ll read so very much in it. Here, your ability to command the African mystic and outline the space and power of the African woman (growing as a lady or as a mother) makes a plus for your work in our publication.

Non-Fiction & Personal Essays: Please write her story, your story, our story… Be sure to create plausibility and verisimilitude. You may have heard her tell it, she may have told you, and you may want to tell us just the way it happened to you; but surely with the crest of aesthetics and naturality. You may like to be modern too, sure you’d not lose your root of African underpinning both in context, events and character creations. Yet, you sustain the realities of a non-fiction. We cannot wait to read her, to read you and me…

Who Can Submit: Both male and female Africans both home and in the Diaspora can submit. Sure, you know that someone else should hardly tell her stories than she does or than we do.


Format: While we cannot promise to sustain your own structure due to our website setting (for now) please be sure to submit your work in an MS WORDS format, and with the structure that projects your message. We can promise to project your work in an admirable way even if not exactly the way you wished. Please, kindly add a cover-note to your story, in not more than 200 words. A tip of an ice-berg kind of… pulling a reader into your writing.

Response Time: You should receive a reply from us in not later than 2weeks after submission. Please send in a query if you did not.

Multiple Submissions? Please be sure to submit your best in only one category.

Simultaneous Submissions: Please do submit your works even when already submitted elsewhere, but not when already published there. Just inform us when necessary.

Submission Fees: There are no submission fees attached. But you are free to support Africanrubiz little or as much as you can.

Payment: Africanrubiz cannot yet afford to pay writers. Yet, we now reward our writer of the month with a Ruby Prize.This is a development that has come way too sooner than we expect. We hope to make creative works more interesting for you always.

Brief Bio: Please kindly add a brief biography in the voice of a third person. Write this in a concise way.