When I was a little girl. I used to watch my father shower my mother with so much love and care and they were really happy being together. I dreamed about the day I would live with my spouse and be happy like them. I dreamed of meeting that man that would make my stomach bubble with butterflies just as they say. I dreamed of carrying and nurturing my beautiful kids. Then reality set in and I also dreamed of being a career woman and become successful. Lady luck smiled at me and my dreams of becoming successful came to pass but that only made my dreams of having a happy home dwindle.
Men saw me as a venture to get rich, I searched for love but found deceit instead. I got tired of searching for true love and focused on my work. Then they started to call me names: witch, single at forty, shameless woman, prostitute and the likes. Some even say it to my face that I am a whore and that is where I get my money from, probably the reason of being single. Can a single lady ever be successful without the assumptions that she is a whore? Everywhere I go they point at me and shake their heads as if I have been bewitched with an evil plague. Whatever I do is no longer acknowledged as being an achievement simply because I don’t have a crown on my head. My parents home became a strange land for me to dash my foot into because all they say is “go and get married”. My mum even calls it spiritual and takes me to all sorts of pastors all in the name of getting married.
My friends children call me aunty and even those little children with their sharp mouths ask me questions like “where is the daddy of the house”, “Aunty are you married”? I wonder how they understand all those things.
At forty, I clamor for a man because of the frustration that is beginning to set in, now I see that I need to have my own home. I am nearing the stage of menopause and my desire is to carry my own children, I need to have children that would inherit this great empire I have created purely with hard work. Getting a man at this age is not likely. I have achieved what most men has not being able to achieve but I am tagged to have lived an unfulfilled life simply because I am an unmarried woman.


Moyosore Olunlade
Moyosore Olunlade

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