Janet was running late for the seminar in which she was to represent the school she worked for. The seminar had its participants as counselors from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. The seminar was held to enlighten the counselors on how to cope with the challenging needs of counseling the variety of students that will come their way. Janet had woken up early in the morning to clean up the house and prepare breakfast for her family and because her husband was on a business trip, she had to take her two children to school. She was just at the gate of her children’s school when the call came in, it was her mother in law. A conversation ensues between them:
Janet: “Good morning mummy
Mother in law: Morning, Janet how are you?
Janet: I’m fine ma
Mother in law: Okay, Janet I need to see you now there’s an urgent family meeting and you have to represent your husband there.
Janet: Mummy I’m sorry I can’t make it, I have a…..
Mother in law: (interrupting her) shut up there, what is wrong with you? Why can’t you attend a simple family meeting? I warned my son not to marry an ambitious woman now here you are having no time for your family, its always about your job.Just get here anyway you can I don’t care what happens to your job.
Janet: Mummy please this meeting is imp…
The mother in law drops the call on her. Janet is almost in tears as she drops her children, ” mummy no goodbye kiss? ” her five year old daughter asks. Janet plants a kiss on their cheeks and bades them goodbye.
According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a career is a profession for which one trains and is undertaken as a permanent calling. As human beings who want to be successful we all have a career that drives us to become successful. The career pursuit of every individual must be respected notwithstanding the gender of that individual. A career woman from my perception is a female who has a purpose, passion and dream and is determined to fulfil her dreams no matter the circumstances surrounding her. The life of a career woman is intricate and sometimes strenuous as the woman has to balance her emotional, financial, family and physical life together. Like Janet, many career women live busy lives in which they struggle to meet up and satisfy the needs of their family, work, emotions and society. It is inherent in the African society and culture that proper women are not supposed to pursue their career when married because it will distract them from caring for their families. In some parts of Africa, some parents do not bother to educate their female children beyond a certain level due to the belief that a woman’s intelligence and education will end up in the kitchen and on the bed. This act terminates the career of these females.
Single career women are not exempted from the society’s ideology of the woman’s identity. Many career women who are single are often pressured to drop their career and get married thereby fulfilling their destiny. Career women should not be made to conform to the society’s traditions at the detriment of their career. Like Janet, many career women are criticized and labelled as bad examples due to their strive for fulfilment. Some people think career women want to be above men in the family but this perception is wrong because a career woman is focused on fulfilling her dream rather than being superior to the man. As the right to work is entrenched in the human rights, women should be given the liberty to live fulfilled lives by pursuing their career. The life of a career woman is an herculean task which needs concentration and determination from the woman and love, support and understanding from the family and society.


Adekanmi Marvelous
Adekanmi Marvelous


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