When Lanre began to stipulate the rules, I was speechless. It made me feel like he wanted to be a god over me, Made me wish that like Moses, I could break the endless list of the do’s and don’ts in our relationship. He wanted to be the only man in my life. But if I was to be the only woman in his life, he didn’t mention. We were in love, we were in a relationship, and for our love life to have the flair we both wished, there had to be rules. From time to time, we amended these rules. Rules a good number of other lovers had. Clara and her man had theirs. Even Evelyn was not left out. She told me her boyfriend wrote and pasted there thirty relationship commandments in his bedroom. She was to cook and clean for him, they were to pray and fast together, they were to attend events together or not attend at all. That he insisted she would have to give him a child before they get married and the list was endlessness. Lanre went on and on to tell me that we didn’t even have as much laws in our relationship as Nathan and Mercy. He said Mercy never wore a red outfit because Philip hated the color that reminded him of blood. She always watched football matches against her will, only to please Nathan. And so, he thought that our relationship would not be without rules. Femi and Adunni were among those that had relationship rules. Femi would always rush to Adunni’s hometown on weekends because she insisted that if he loved her, he had to love her grandmother. And to prove it, he had to visit her grandmother every Saturday. Some of these rules made no sense, some were unquestionably important. Stipulating them was not the major thing, abiding by them was!

A relationship is a way in which two or more people behave and are involved with each other. It comes in different kinds and there is always a connection between the people involved. Relationships are lovely and important. Some are worth preserving and sacrificing for, some are not. In order to have a healthy, long lasting and well defined relationship, it is necessary that the two parties outline’s and abides by some reasonable rules they make for themselves or learn from others. Some relationships stand the test of time due to the fact that the lovers understand and tolerate each other, while some are meaningless and easily hit the rock. Thus, if lovers wish to build a long lasting and meaningful relationship, it is important that they work hand in hand to prevent impediments from their relationship.

Understanding is vital in a relationship. The people involved should always try and understand each other. This can be done by communication; telling your boyfriend or girlfriend what you like or dislike, making them understand how you feel about some particular thing, instead of keeping secrets. Understanding will help avoid unnecessary quarrels and make the couples tolerate each other better. Truthfulness and faithfulness is essential as well. The couples should always tell each other the truth. Lies can cause great damage in a relationship and can eventually cause a couple to break up. Cheating in a relationship is also bad. It is important that the couples stay faithful to each other. Instead of being in multiple relationships, focusing on building a relationship with one person is safer and better. Unfaithfulness can cause so much harm especially for couples who are sexually active. In a relationship, partners should try and make themselves trustworthy. A relationship where both parties do not trust each other does not always work out. Distrust among couples can lead to breakup.

One party should not always try to over shadow the other or always want to have the final say in every issue. Each individual should have a say in every matter and his or her opinion should always count. Respect will make this possible. If couples have respect for themselves, they would always know it is necessary for them to listen to each others opinion. In a relationship, no couple should try to physically abuse the other. Often times, the woman is usually the victim of physical and sexual abuse. Some are even exploited and duped by the men who claim to love them. Couples should care for each other; avoid the bad habits that can affect their relationship. Above all, love should lead. Love should always be found in every relationship. Love will help build a stronger and healthier relationship. Prayers are also very important in a relationship. Couples should always commit their relationship into the hands of God.

Being in a relationship is beautiful, but being in the right one matters. Everyone wishes to be in a relationship, thus, we should all be willing to put in our best in our different relationships. We may all agree that no relationship is perfect, but by applying most of the relationship do’s and don’ts, seeking counsel from the right sources, and with personal efforts, one can certainly be in the good kind of relationship they dream and wish for.


Eke Mary
Eke Mary

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