The English dictionary defines health as “the state of being free from physical or psychological disease and illness or malfunction; wellness”.Health has to do with well-being. Well-being affects everything and anything we do as human beings because one has to be healthy to perform daily activities.
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“Women have unique health issues and some of the health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently.”
Some of the unique health issues of women include the following;
Prenatal care
Breast cancer
Cervical cancer
Bone density

The health of women is very delicate, hence some of the medical/health issues that affect both men and women affect women more than the men. Due to the delicate nature/biology of women’s health, it is important for them to maintain good personal hygiene at all times.

During monthly flow of blood, if you don’t wash your underwear, bath regularly and keep yourself clean, you will develop bad odour because menstruation blood stinks. Some girls don’t realize that menstrual blood actually smells nasty, not just to other people but also to the owner of the blood.

As a pregnant woman, it’s not enough to just go for antenatal/prenatal check regularly, she has to eat balanced meals, fruits, vegetables and exercise as often as possible. Pregnancy tends to make women lazy due to the extra weight/load of the baby.

Women have a very delicate and exposed sexual organ i.e. the vagina. The vagina is one of the most fragile part of a woman’s body and it requires regular cleaning to prevent diseases and infections. Cleaning of the vagina should be done regularly with the use of water alone and not soap due to harsh chemicals it contains. Some of us might be wondering why soap should not be used in washing the vagina, well the answer is simple…… the vagina is a self-cleaning organ that’s why. We should also try as much as possible to wear clean underwear and use clean toilets because it’s easy for it to be infected.
One of the severe diseases a woman can have is breast cancer. Breast cancer has now been tagged for some as the deadliest disease for women. When a woman is diagnosed of breast cancer, the next thing that follows is preparation for chemotherapy which actually helps to relieve the pain but the truth is that it takes only the grace of God. So many have gone through this process and survived while some others don’t.

It is important for a woman to be conscious of her health, especially with what she eats because her body needs a lot of nutrients to run on daily basis. She should learn how to keep personal hygiene, wash the face regularly, wash her armpits, shave when necessary, wear clean clothes, bath regularly. Due to the fact that women multi task, women need as much energy as they can get. Women loose so much blood while menstruating and theyneed iron, vegetables and vitamins to replace them. For her hygiene, a woman has to be clean because she has many places that dirt can hide in her body i.e. armpits, pubic region, in-between and under her breasts. Neatness and cleanliness improves appearance of women, it attracts people.



Oluwafisayomi Olusola
Oluwafisayomi Olusola

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