The English dictionary describes plight as “an unfortunate situation”. These days, it appears so much pressure is put on unmarried ladies by her family, friends, neighbours, church members and even strangers that have refused to mind their business. She is made to feel incomplete because she is without a man. Definitely no young lady wants to remain single forever, but do we expect her to marry herself? Of course, if she had her way she won’t allow herself to stay single for so long, nobody likes to be placed in such an ugly situation or to be insulted. Sometimes people don’t understand how hard she might be trying or the efforts she is making, they just want to hear wedding bells ringing. The unfortunate situation of unmarried ladies may make them to look for solution to their problems in the wrong places. Pressure could also make the unmarried lady go to the extreme of proposing marriage to the man instead of the other way around because she has become desperate and responding to the saying that “desperate times call for desperate measures”.

There’s no age recorded that a lady must be married, but society has placed the maximum age limit for single-hood.  As a lady, once you have graduated from the university and finished your NYSC programme it is expected that bringing home a suitor should follow almost immediately.  Society has made us to believe that at age 30, a lady should have been married and possibly even done with child bearing.  So, when a lady has passed that age and is still unmarried it becomes a problem. She will start hearing “When will you get married”, “When will you bring a suitor home” or “Won’t you get married?” and she will consistently be reminded that she is not getting any younger.

We cannot blame all the problems of the unmarried lady on the society and her family because sometimes she may be the architect of her problem. Some young ladies continue to wait for the perfect guy; with all the money and good looks to come their way, forgetting that there is nobody born without flaws. Days turn to weeks and to months and to years and she is still waiting for ‘Mr Right”.  Some also want to wait till they have so much money so that they will have a ‘society’ wedding that will be the talk of the town.

Young ladies these days need to understand the fact that they cannot have it all, contentment is very important.


                                                                                                                                                                                                 ‘Fisayomi Olusola’

                                                                                                                                                                                                           July 2017


Oluwafisayomi Olusola
Oluwafisayomi Olusola

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