Vanessa swerved to avoid the car that had been struggling to be abreast with her for the last ten minutes.” This Lagos traffic can drive you out of your wits”, she said to herself while she wiped the sweat off her brow, then she noticed the woman…she was really dark with an aquiline nose, long weave, determined mouth and the prettiest eyes she’d ever seen. “She must be really wealthy”, she thought as she observed the car and the chauffeur, ” but why can’t they just drive off? Why are they following me?”.

She got to the office a minute late and was about to step out of her car when she saw this same woman walking towards her, “even her walk is pretty”, she thought. “Are you the Vanessa?”, the woman asked when she got to where she was, ” yes ma, I’m Vanessa Ojukwu. Is there a problem?”, she asked…and that was all it took…”I’d like to know why you won’t leave my Desmond alone, leave him alone! Stop having business dinners with him and keep your paws and mitts of him! Stupid opportunist! What were you doing when your mates were getting married, ehn? Now he’s planning a business trip and you’re the only woman on the team that’s going abi? You want to ruin my marriage ehn, you this cheap harlot”, she said in one breath. By this time Vanessa was already confused and struck dumb too but her mind was racing, “this must be Oga’s wife? But why does she think I want her man?”

She hadn’t stopped her ranting and Vanessa’s lost look was seemingly giving her all the power she needed. “Stupid girl with no home training! At 30, you’re not yet married, yet you want to sleep with all the married men in Lagos. Ooooh, that’s how you got to the top abi, sleeping with your superiors. Let me warn you now, “I, Rita Ofolabi, will take no further nonsense from you. If you go on that trip with Desmond, I will go to my baba and he will finish you for me, single harlot”, she hufffed as she finished and walked away without giving Vanessa a chance to explain anything.

By this time, a crowd had gathered and watched the whole scenario with glee, especially the men under her at work. She couldn’t tell her mum this story because it would add fuel to her normal rants about her ‘singleness’ and she would say “ehn, why aren’t you married? Big house and big car and yet no husband! When will I see my grandchildren? I got married at the age of 20….”, she thought as she took the elevator. She walked into her office sluggishly and wondered when being a bachelorette would have no sting to it.


Nsima Akan
Nsima Akan

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