No to VAW

No to VAW

Hi everyone, in my previous post i talked about my views on violence against women and its causes with the promise of talking about its panacea in this post, well, if you’re reading this post then you’re reading the Part ii. With the stated causes or problems from my previous post that leads to violence against women, I have a few panacea or solutions to discuss.


  1. Provision of access to legal representation for women and the privilege to go for justice against perpetrators of violence through the formal legal system.

  2. Enforcement and usage of laws that are in place for violence against women in order to have an effective change.

  3. Unbiased child school-home training for both male and female children whereby both sexes are educated on health and sexuality and the effect of coercion, violence and discrimination that is gender-biased and how unacceptable it is. The main reason children especially boys are easily influenced by violent behavior is because it is learnt as a child and this becomes evident when they grow up and can make critical connections between their childhood and adulthood, it is simply an imprint that a man got as a child. So the earlier the foundation is better constructed by giving the right training and sensitization, the better and more effective stopping violence is.

Raise Both Sex EQUALLY

Raise Both Sex EQUALLY

  1. Promotion of gender equality in schools to close the gender-gap and greater support for child-girl education because the child-girl education reduces the chances of early marriage or teenage pregnancy and it also encourages the girls to obtain higher levels of education that helps them get empowered and employed due to the financial and developmental contribution education will bring to their family and the society.

The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all.” – Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel Prize Laureate

  1. Acceptability of the victims by the society thereby eradicating the stigmatization that hinders victims from seeking for help and fighting for their human rights as a result of shame or being ostracized.

  2. Child-marriage and teenage pregnancy should be frowned at by providing incentives, organizing talks about its effects in order to reduce arranged marriage and allow the girl-child develop both physically and mentally to prepare for both marriage and childbirth.

  3. Provision of rapid and proper healthcare for emergencies that includes treatment for unintended pregnancies, to prevent HIV and proper counselling of the victims.

  4. Massive attention should be given to violence that is perpetrated by a partner or spouse and close family member(s). There should be provision of shelter homes for victims beaten by husbands, spouse or relatives where children and siblings can enjoy shelter, safety and sanity.

  5. Marriage laws that are institutionally biased against women should be reviewed, especially, those that deny women custody over their children, inheritance, land rights in cases of death, separation or divorce.

In conclusion, I believe if these panacea can be considered, not only will violence against women be fought but it will bring about a total revolution that can assure the coming generation of females a better and safer world to live in where there is gender security and equity.

Please do well to suggest more solutions to this problem in the comment box. Violence against women needs to be collectively fought against and the revolution starts with you and me doing everything together in our own little or big way…

Thanks again!


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oluwafunmibi fayemi

I am a simple Christian African girl that loves to pen down her thoughts based on my experiences and what is going on around me. I hope to be a voice to reckon with as regards women and children.

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