A career woman is a woman with a full time paid job. The female CEO or MD in a big organization is a career woman, the business woman in the market is a career woman, the female accountant is a career woman, the female entrepreneur is a career woman and even the bread seller is a career woman. The difference between different career women is the level of success they have attained or reached in their profession. Most times people consider career women to be women that have “made it big” in their profession, but that’s not true. Everybody cannot be on the same level in life, we are all moving at different speed so we cannot reach the same place at the same time.

In my own opinion, a married career woman is a woman that is focused on whatever profession she has chosen and tries to balance it with taking care of her home. The married career woman is an all-rounder; she’s a wife, a home maker, a cook, a mother, an employer/employee, a daughter, a leader and lots.  She has to work hard in the office and also work hard at home. The career woman cannot afford to take chances by working hard in the office and leaving her home unattended or vice versa because the society will frown at a career woman who has reached the peak of her profession but whose home is in shambles.

In addition, a woman with a job and a family to take care of has double ration of work. She is thinking of more things than her male colleagues or single colleagues. She is saddled with the responsibility of pleasing her husband, putting things in order at home, taking care of her children and doing her work properly in the office. Although some career women are lucky enough to have helps at home, the help cannot do everything.

Hence, a career woman has to multi task.


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Oluwafisayomi Olusola
Oluwafisayomi Olusola

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  1. Lateefah    

    Beautiful piece baby girl ??

  2. Ngozi Ann-maris lkanne    

    This is beautiful and inspiring Fisayo. Keep it up girl

  3. Chinemerem    

    I love this fisayo….keep doing what you do best…and keep it up..??

    1. Oluwafisayomi Olusola    

      I’m grateful for your encouragement Chi.

      Oluwafisayomi Olusola

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