Bloodshot eyes, swollen mouth, and the shaking hands, you would think she just got out of a street fight. But, this is from a street fight, she got this from one person, one man, who was supposed to be her husband, she was 27.
Cases like this fill up the daily news, it’s the topic of discussion at many women empowerment TV shows, at workplace and even in schools.
Domestic violence against women, as brutal as terrorism itself, for it seems like an attack on women folk.

Domestic violence is a deliberate physical, financial, psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse or a way of intimidation by one person against another in a domestic setting, commonly perpetrated by husbands on wives.

Women mostly experience manifold incidents of abuse in the society regardless on race, ethnicity or religious group.
It is not caused by anger, alcohol, drugs, unemployment, stress or ill health as claimed.

Girls are forced into marriage and also have their genitals mutilated. Many women have been killed by spouses, ex-partners, fathers and boyfriends. They are unable to disclose due to threats, discrimination and oppression. Even when reported, especially to the Police, it is taken with levity, reason deeply rooted in imbalance of power between both sexes and our cultural belief that women are weaker vessels and are to be dominated by men.

About 40-60% of women experiencing domestic violence are brutally violated while pregnant. An average African girl of age 11- 18, would have at least, been harassed or is being harassed right this hour or even been attempted to harass. Most Women with a long-term illness or disabilities are victims of domestic abuse.

Domestic violence has negative effects on our society. “If the foundation is destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm11:3. Violence begins from the foundation of a society, marriage. Violence stands as the main cause of moral decadence. Female children have developed hatred for men, turning them into misandrist. The more cases of domestic violence against women the male child continues to witness, increases his motive of continually abusing women when he grows.

Female children who are victims of domestic violence or have seen it happen may become withdrawn and find it difficult to communicate. Extensive violence have led to smoking, suicide, depression and sometimes murder of the abuser.

Domestic violence is a crime and we all have a role to play in ending it. No child should have to live with violence and fear. No woman is born to suffer because she’s a woman.

Let’s stand up for our African Women. Let the Law-enforcement Agencies perform their duties.
I am an African girl

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Oduyomi Ololade
Oduyomi Ololade

I'm a girl in my prime...not your everyday kind of girl

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