The way we do things, our customs, values and beliefs constitutes our culture. Culture shapes our way of life. There is hardly any known society without a culture. On the other hand, inculcating digital technology into everyday life is digitization. Digitization entails development and advancement.

Africa is made up countries with diverse cultures. Communities and families are where culture has its strongest hold, having women at the center of it all. In as much as some cultures are barbaric, cultural practices are generally seen as something for old men and women in villages and something to be acknowledged during a particular period of time in fancy processions we call “carnival.” We have not come to realize that culture can be more than what we have pictured it to be, it can be a channel through which an African woman can be empowered.
In a world where modernization has taken control and virtually everything has been digitized, how does culture stand a chance to be a channel through which African women can be empowered? Firstly, We must accept and realize that the world is not were it used to be. We must checkmate our cultural laws and norms and do away with such cultures as the ones that decides when and to whom a girl gets married to. We must abolish the cultures that automatically place the man far above the woman in every given situation and the tradition which forbids women from attending cabinet meetings which prevents them from making contributions in matters that affects them should be forbidden.

Technology has helped in the invention of modern machines which is very important in the medical sector. Surgeries, laboratory researches and other medical practices have been improved by technology. But we must not be quick to forget that before now, some uneducated African women were skilled in midwifery and curing some ailments which they did with the knowledge they acquired from their culture. Although there were complications, our digitized machines also cause complications as well. If we support and patronize women with such skills, she has been empowered. She will make earnings from a skill she acquired from her culture by using natural herbs and roots.A non-digitized up-gradable skill.

Digitization has made it possible for us to enjoy watching movies that promotes our culture on television sets. But I do not agree that we should completely do away with the way we used to do things. Aside from watching our elite actors display our culture on television, avenues should be created for African women to tell folklore’s, chants and proverbs under a beautiful moonlight in exchange of little tokens. These opportunities should not be stopped half way.

If the above suggestions and more are implemented, African women will not only use culture as a medium to educate and entertain people, African women will benefit greatly through her culture in a digitized world. For according to Kavita Ramadas, culture is a reflection of the economic and political power structure of a society.

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