According to the dictionary, Culture is the arts, customs, and habits that characterize a particular society or nation. Africa is known to be rich in diverse cultural practices and this is highly reflected in an African woman. Empowering African women through culture in a digitalized global system is making the African women imbibe the use of digital globalization as a way of life for the improvement of their lifestyle.

Globalization can be seen as the formation of a new era of interaction among nations, economies and people. It encourages the connectivity of various people across national boundaries in economy, technology, culture and governance.

Global networking

Global networking

Some problems that arise as a result of the introduction of digital globalization into the culture include;

  • The inability to relate globalization with religion due to rigid elucidation based on ancestral thoughts which are common to women. It is therefore crucial to find continuous motives and incentives for religious interpretations in matters that has to do with women.
  • The problem of poor relationship between the nature of the national culture and the international ideas due to contradiction between the two extremes. Most consider international ideas and culture as improper or out of place thereby causing one of the wide gaps that need to be overcome and reconciled.
  • Poor relationship between the future perspective of women’s issues in the context of globalization and the process of modernization of the society in a comprehensive way. There’s been a lot of failures and misinterpretations due to political and historical reasons for proposed modernization in many developing countries, therefore, there is need to redefine the concept of modernization and link it with women’s issues.
A woman with Internet services

A woman with Internet services

Firstly, focus should be on providing greater access to broadband internet to the African women at an affordable price which then increase the availability and accessibility of training opportunities for women, create platform where women can be trained on skills and knowledge that will improve their lifestyle in all fields of work and culturally related aspects like Banking, Politics, Agriculture, Technology, Business, Fashion, Entertainment, etc. The Internet will also see to the widening of scope for women to enter wider and faster markets with less cost than any other markets yet also improve and widen their relations with others with same interests all over the world. It makes their roles at home easier and at the same time encourages women to be purposeful and contribute to the world’s development.



In conclusion, Digital global system becomes the link between digital fluency, education attainment, employment, and workplace equality. It aids trade openness and the diffusion of new information and communication technologies which then results into more jobs and stronger connections to markets for many African women, increase their access to economic opportunities and shunning of gender inequality through global awareness of women’s rights and the opportunities that awaits them outside their roles as home makers. The African women will eventually be empowered and culture will be promoted.

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Oluwafunmibi Fayemi
oluwafunmibi fayemi

I am a simple Christian African girl that loves to pen down her thoughts based on my experiences and what is going on around me. I hope to be a voice to reckon with as regards women and children.

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