That the world has become a global village with lots of possibilities is a fact that need not be over-stressed. This extent of development would have been practically impossible if not for technology. Technology, being considered as new machines, equipment and ways of doing things that are based on modern knowledge about science and computers has penetrated the diverse aspects of humanity. This notwithstanding, many people are yet, not incorporated into these trends of technological development. A teaming population of this class of people are women. Women, as the feminine gender are still far-placed in matters of technology. This is why it becomes a matter of concern to consider the issue of “Women and Technology”.

Over the years, women have tried to assert and prove their proficiency in activities that men engage in.  So it is not uncommon to pin-point one or two contributions women have made in tech. For instance, it would have been impossible to drive while it rained but for the invention of windshield wipers by Mary Anderson. More so, The Spectrum Communication Technology was co-invented by a woman, Hedy Larna. In addition to this and many more inventions, statistics has shown that girls do better than boys in tech related subjects such as Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics etc. Analysis of about 1.4 million GitHub users suggested that women coding skills exceed those of men. It is the consideration of these records that leave one to ask questions about those factors that have side-lined women’s performance in areas of technology.tech2

The mentality that tech related tasks are Herculean, therefore requires physical strength which only men possess, is one of the factors that has constituted constraints to women’s performance in areas of technology. So women who are seen as the weaker sex, are considered unfit for these tasks, notwithstanding the fact that there are lots of women who are physically stronger than some men who are given tech jobs.The society which encourages girls to take “safer” paths which entails not operating certain machines, has also played a part in making young girls grow up to disassociate themselves from technology. While young boys are exposed to robotics and spaceships, young girls are not. Computer genius movies also feature more male protagonists than female. Discrimination is another factor. Often times, women who try to break the jinx of this barrier are often met with all levels of discrimination. Women also find it difficult to identify and feel comfortable in tech environments because it is highly male dominated. Another important factor that has bedevilled the participation of women in technology is lack of interest on the part of women. Observations have shown that higher population of students who are females, are in Arts and Humanities, while only a handful of women are found in the Sciences which is where technological advancements thrive.tech3

In other to turn a positive bearing to the participation of women in technology, a conscientious effort should be made to delimit the continued occurrence of these issues highlighted. The notion that technology is about physical strength rather than it is about ideas and innovation should be discarded. The girl child should be exposed to technology early. Such organisations as the “Black Girls CODE” should be established to help inform girls on the possibilities and importance of involving in areas of technology. Women who have set records should be accorded due recognition. So such figures as Ada Bryan who developed machine-processable algorithm should be recognized so that girls will have role models to emulate.

Women are smart and innovative beings that can create great ideas that can bring about unimaginable tech developments. There is serious need for gender diversity in areas of technology, and the need to ensure that more women are involved in technology. Since technology is one of the determinants of were the future is headed to, it is important to seek a re-orientation of “Women and Technology”.

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