Interview with Lola Soneyin

RW:  Let’s meet Lola Soneyin, First.   Lola: Ok, so I’m 46 years old, I am a mum of 4 children; I think I should just get           that out of the way because that’s probably the most important thing to me. I also run the AKE Arts and Books festival and the Kaduna Books and arts                  festival. I’m a publisher, I also run Reader Books, I’m also a book seller, so I      …

"Interview with Lola Soneyin"


RW:       Let’s meet Kaine, who is Kaine Agary? AGARY:                Wao… eem… where do I start… I am a young woman from the Niger delta, I have a background              in Policy – Public policy, I am also a Lawyer… em …  and I have an interest in… you know… social     and Economic Development, and that’s how I got into Writing.   RW:       Waoo… that’s quite great… That’s good enough for us for now… Did…



Introduction In this course, we are interested in surveying the body of work referred to as American Literature. This body of work consists of the written pieces that were produced in the United States and in the old colonial years before the coming together of the union. Thus, in studying the writings, we will peep briefly into the history of the country. The early history began before 1500; the notable point was in1492 when Christopher…


Maryann on RubyWrites2016

The 2016/2017 African Rubiz competition was simply an enlightening adventure. More undergraduates need to participate in the next edition as it will not only sharpen their literary capabilities but also make them more knowledgeable about issues pertaining to women and Africa. The African Rubiz Organization is a very friendly and amazing organization.   -MaryAnn Ifeanacho (Fourth Runner Up, ruby writes 2016) University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

"Maryann on RubyWrites2016"

Oluwaseyi on RubyWrites2016

The recently held African Ruby Campus Female Writers Competition was one of a kind,seeing how it brought to life a healthy rivalry, not for pageantry or entertainment, but for intellectual purpose among the young female folks in tertiary institutions across the country. To undergraduates out there,there is a need to know your strength as an African woman, there is a need to understand the power of your voice and the strength that lies at the…

"Oluwaseyi on RubyWrites2016"

Precious on RubyWrites2016

When I signed up for the ‘Ruby writes’ competition, I wasn’t too sure what I was getting into, but it turned out to be an amazing experience. I was not only motivated to share my ideas and opinion with the world, I was pushed to improve on my writing skills and to believe in myself more as a woman. I’m forever and entirely grateful to African Rubiz and Dr Kemi Wale-Olaitan for this indelible mark…

"Precious on RubyWrites2016"

Jemima on RubyWrites2016

The African Rubiz competition has given us, the granddaughters and daughters of the women who have been silenced a platform to speak up on the things we can no longer pretend to endure. The beauty of this platform arises from not only being the first of its kind to strongly encourage young female writers to scribble the decaying injustices, but also the sense of unity derived from knowing other young women just like myself, though…

"Jemima on RubyWrites2016"