About Rusoko

Welcome to RUSOKO, the e-commerce platform of Africanrubiz. The organization, devoted to the promotion of African ideals and women empowerment in the digital world, is owned by Merak Media Consultancy Services Limited. The focus of RUSOKO is to promote and sell African fabrics and fashion accessories online. The company is therefore in collaboration with DHL, the world leading logistics company, to deliver the goods to any part of the world. Thus, our major target are Africans in the diaspora who are in dire need of fabrics from their homeland.

The site has just taken off with traditional fabrics and accessories from Nigeria, like ADIRE and Aso-oke; we look forward to adding traditional fabrics from other parts of Africa soon.

As you browse through the pages, we hope you will find your choice and book your order; it promises to be an exciting experience. RUSOKO… fabrics from the source!