Bliss by ADEYEMO E.O


Bliss is the first time I left my father seated on the couch with a cup of consternation. I told him that life sometimes comes hedging us in the corner of our closet, and the best step to take is not to stand against it in a feud and fight for freedom. I told him it is dumb to fight when freedom is the same wiles that had ever slept with you.

My father was the most caring heart I have ever met. We really had nice times whenever he came visiting. Those bowls of ice-creams and mounds of cake mark the few days I saw him and I was a barren woman in the interlude between joys of delivery and the reality of still-birth; my father would soon go back to his home. My father was the best father in our mind and the Santa that comes with goodies once in an age – when Jesus is born again, or when he just rose yesterday, or when he had not come at all but had left my dad in dismay – missing his flight to Europe again…

How does it feel when your first meal came sometimes after no sun will rise again? How does it feel to walk without shoes and beg for food? No! That may be a life that only the devil deserves. I mean, how does it feel when you chase after my father’s car with papers, when he really has a pile of news following him? I am a news, our house is a news, he is also a great politician with news of waste in an impoverished Canaan. We all are news, don’t you know?  Yet he would buy a news that is no news to us, simply because you had chased from a distance. Or is it news that we live in a space where the commonwealth is not common wealth?

Bliss was when Jibade came claiming his collateral – our house, my father’s hotel –, at least for times when he felt the urge to do the rites of manliness. Ajibade was the son of the news vendor who lives in the shack that shelves him and his family together, with news of how we all live in promised land but with the nostalgia of solace. They know what it is to live in a room distant from the house that roofs it. Ajibade was the life I ever loved to live, I met him when I bought the news that I had ever wanted to read. Today we are the headline, and it should read; “Bliss! Wealthy man’s Daughter gives her Father’s House as Collateral for a Night with a news vendor in a Shack”.

Bliss is when my father cannot imagine lodging in his hotel tonight.

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