A Poet in Love (For a girl I know by Olumofin Olasubomi

145 Inspirational Rumi Quotes and Poems on Love, Life & Happiness

Drown in those eyes

swim their liquid depths, sing praises of

her supple waist

Lose yourself in honey at her lips…

Today we stem the tide of words,


for the flutter of wings on

eaves of the future, when we shall say to the storm –


Not even time can tame the tales we have yet

to tell

There is a tale lurking

in my eyes;

its beginning is you, and

its end – the lines of your laughter

I would say:

be the union of earth and sky on the horizon

become earth, foliage, sky, sea

But those would only be platitudes,

empty of meaning like my night is empty

of you…

I would say:


But night is a cruel thing,

doubts ride on its wings

I would say:


The only truth in my orchestra of uncertainties

I would say:


My singular cry to

this deaf night

I would say:


My dream.

Olasubomi Olumofin

12th November, 2020

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