In Rains By Taofeek Ògúnpérí


7 Weather-Related Phobias, and What Causes Them

sometimes when it rains,

we go out of space and time,

we dream freely like babies

in the comfort of their mothers’ arms;

we believe again,

we traverse the thin lines of our memories,

joyous as lost chicks reunited with mother hens


when it rains, we hear the world

in pleasant cosmic reverberations;

when it rains, we are so cold

wildfires become our friends,

clothing us against icing

like hopeless creepers on sturdy trees


and sometimes when it rains,

the sun refuses to leave, it looks

down on us, awaiting the stop of drops

that it may roughly rinse us from the calm


there are times when it rains

the sky belches in thunders

like a lion roars in the jungle,

and like weaker animals run for safety,

we run to hide

under sieving roofs,

between cracking walls


when it rains these hard times,

doomsdays flash before us;

we stand too conscious of things

and we listen as if

we are in The Court,

herded in The Box,

and The Judge is ready

to say The Word we fear



Taofeek Ògúnpérí is a poet and an aficionado of arts. He has authoured a published collection of poems – Twisted Tongues (ATMAN Limited, Osogbo; 2017). “Fourteen” and “Songs of the Tryst” are two of his forthcoming poetry collections. His other writings include essays, articles, creative nonfiction, and reviews, some of which have appeared in Nigeria and elsewhere. A multi-award winning student, Taofeek studies Literature-in-English at the Department of English of Obafemi Awolowo University. He can be contacted via or 08169896317 on WhatsApp.

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